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Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014

Debt Coverage:

Debt Coverage:
Wall Street Journal: “Don't Cry for Me Argentina, Pay Me” (Holdout LTE)
Financial Times: “Slow painful ending for ‘trial of the century’”
Wall Street Journal (AP): “Argentina asks top US Court to stop 'catastrophe'”
MercoPress: “Argentina appeals hedge funds case to US Supreme Court; warns of 'havoc' if lower court ruling stands”
Reuters: “Argentina asks U.S. Supreme Court to hear bonds case”
Wall Street Journal: “Argentina Files U.S. Supreme Court Bond Holdout Appeal – Update”
Bloomberg: “Argentina Seeks U.S. Supreme Court Review in Debt Case”
FIN Alternatives: “Argentina To Appeal Pro-Elliott Default Rulings To Supreme Court”
Buenos Aires Herald: “Gov't requests Supreme Court review in 'Vulture Fund' case”
Argentine Economy:
Wall Street Journal: “Argentina Foreign Reserves Fall Slightly to $27.753 billion”
Buenos Aires Herald: “‘Exports have been stagnant for past 3 years’”
Argentine Policy/Society:
Buenos Aires Herald: “Gov't, Santa Fe agree on anti-drug cooperation”
MercoPress: “Kirchnerite picket leader tells Maduro he should have Lopez shot for being a traitor and CIA agent”
Motley Fool: “Don't Cry for Wal-Mart in Argentina”
Truth-Out: “In Argentina, the Rules Still Apply”
MercoPress: “Drug-trafficking controversy in Argentina involves several ministers”
Global Relations:
Buenos Aires Herald: Malvinas lawmaker: ‘Argentina’s attitude irrational, unpredictable’”
BN Americas: “Argentina power demand peaked in January”
Motley Fool: “Capital Flight Endangers Argentina’s Energy Future”
Bloomberg: “Repsol Said to Near Final YPF Compensation With Argentina”
Bloomberg: “YPF Signs MOU With Petronas to Develop Shale Oil in Vaca Muerta”

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