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Montag, 3. März 2014

wo liegen unser PBA-Bonds (EUR)

Security Name :EUR 4,00 BUENOS AIRES PROV. (REGS) 06-2035
Common Code :000023408287
ISIN Code :XS0234082872
Nominal Currency (ISO) :EUR - EURO
Issuer Country :ARGENTINA
Security Physical Form :COMMON GLOBAL
Instrument Category :DEBT
Instrument Group :BOND
SWIFT Instr. Quantifier (Field 36B) :FAMT
Total Volume Issued :467,850,954
Instrument Creation Date :25-Oct-2005
Actual Closing Date :12-Jan-2006
Closing Date :12-Jan-2006
Distribution Date :13-Jan-2006
Maturity Date :15-May-2035
Back Value Flag :0
Back Valuation Type :BV if Settled on Distribution Date
Process Purpose :SETTLANDCUST
Legal Form :REGIST
CBL Settlement Status :Eligible for settlement
Income Details
Frequency :Every 6 months
 Current EventPrevious Event
Interest Rate :44
Pool Factor :11
Payment Currency :EUREUR
Payment Date :15-May-201415-Nov-2013
Value Date :15-May-201415-Nov-2013
Record Date :30-Apr-201431-Oct-2013
Start Date :15-Nov-201315-May-2013
End Date :15-May-201415-Nov-2013
Interest Rate Calculation Method :30/36030/360
Number of Days :180180
Tax Rate :00
Gross Income Amount :2020
Tax Details
Subject to Withholding Tax :No
Subject to FATCA :No
Other Information
Depository/CSP :6B - BKNY MELLON, LDN
Safekeeper/CSK :6B - BKNY MELLON, LDN
CFF Qualified :No
Market Category :EURO
Multiple Depository Flag :SINGLE LISTED
Bridge Eligible Flag :Yes
Minimum Settlement Amount :1
Multiple Settlement Amount :1
ISMAG Adherence :NONE
Internal Instruction Account Flag :NORESTRICTION
External Instruction Account Flag :NORESTRICTION

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