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Montag, 17. März 2014

Debt Coverage: Buenos Aires Herald: “Government confirms debt talks with Paris Club to begin May 26” MercoPress: “Creditor nations Paris Club and Argentina will begin debt discussions in May” Financial Times: “On a wing and a prayer over Argentina debt” Reuters: “UPDATE 3-Paris Club invites Argentina to hold debt negotiation” Wall Street Journal: “Argentina Says Paris Club Asked to Start Talks in May” Business News Americas: “John Kerry rules out US support for Argentina in dispute with bond holdouts” (QFR)

uenos Aires Herald
Monday, March 17, 2014
Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich today confirmed Argentina will start negotiations with the Paris Club on May 26 th.
"Argentina has received a formal invitation for the beginning of talks and that invitation has a date which is May 26,” Capitanich told reporters this morning.
Buenos Aires Herald
Saturday, March 15, 2014
Earlier in the day the Paris Club announced the negotiations invitation for the week starting 26 May with the purpose of settling the long-running debt estimated roughly in 10bn dollars.
“They discussed this proposal in January and February, asked for clarification and, based on a revised proposal, have invited the government of Argentina to come negotiate an arrears clearance agreement with the Paris Club creditors in May in Paris,” secretary general Clotilde L'Angevin was quoted in Paris.
Financial Times
Saturday, March 15, 2014
By Benedict Mander
What a headache debts can cause. No one knows this better than Cristina Fernández, who after receiving mixed messages related to Argentina’s debt in recent days will have plenty to chew over on her transatlantic flight before she meets the Pope on Monday.
There was good news today when the Paris Club, a group of countries which Argentina owes about $10bn, invited their debtor to begin formal negotiations in May, after economy minister Axel Kicillof presented a repayment plan in January. Resolution of the Paris Club problem is not only a prerequisite for Argentina’s return to the international capital markets, but it could also help to get much-needed foreign investment flowing back into the country.
Friday, March 14, 2014
By Leigh Thomas
* Paris Club set May date for debt negotiations
* Germany, Japan biggest holders of debt
* Argentine needs to regain access to markets
PARIS, March 14 (Reuters) - The Paris Club invited the Argentine government on Friday to negotiate paying off its overdue debt, with talks starting in the week of May 26 to take an important step towards settling the long-running debt dispute.
Eager to settle disputes with its creditors, Argentina outlined its conditions in January to repay the roughly $9.5 billion it owes Paris Club members.
Wall Street Journal
Friday, March 14, 2014
By Shane Romig
BUENOS AIRES—The Paris Club of creditor nations invited Argentina to start formal talks at the end of May to settle the multibillion-dollar defaulted debt the South American country has owed the group for over a decade, Argentina's economy ministry said Friday.
Argentina laid out the basic terms of its proposal in January, and the invitation from the Paris Club came after weeks of informal contacts, the economy ministry said.
A Paris Club spokesman confirmed the May timeline for talks.
Business News Americas
Friday, March 14, 2014
By Natan Levy
The US secretary of state John Kerry has said that the US will not file a brief in support of Argentina's petition for a hearing by the US supreme court in its legal battle with bond holdouts over the repayment of debts following Argentina's default in 2002.
Facing questions from Republican congressman Mario Díaz-Balart on Wednesday (Mar 12) as to whether the US will support Argentina in its legal battle with the holdouts, led by NML Capital, a unit of Elliott Management, Kerry's response was a very clear, "no we are not going to."

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